You May Find This Rather​.​.​. Interesting (EP)

by The Epic Weatherman

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    I'm not saying there's a bonus track or anything... But after you hear a silly voice speak some gibberish on the last track... Don't press stop. Trust me. Long story short... you will hear a variety of REALLY OLD scraps of recordings I either made or assisted with... including a project my good friend Ian and I made for Biology in high school.
    I'm not saying there's a bonus track or anything.

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This is an interesting compilation, for sure. The first three tracks are brand new polished off tracks I recently recorded / mastered for final release. Tracks 4-8 are bizarre unreleased and remastered b-sides originally recorded in the Take You Over era of my songwriting. Tracks 9-11 are very dated recordings of recent songs. Track 12... its in the title what it is. And last but not least... 13-20 are all extremely silly things I created in boredom throughout the years... Most of them very old, some new... Some made from loops I spliced the crap out of and put in places they don't belong, some "original instrumentation..." its all very humorous and ear-piercing at times.

A few people I wish to thank and that I hope see this, for your great friendship / heavy inspiration and appreciation for my work, no matter how odd it is. (in no particular order)

- Mommy and Daddy Bovberg (making me who I am today and keeping up with me whatever I do)
- CJ Hackett (super inspirational)
- Brandon Arnold (what a guy)
- Timmy Vilgiate (you have inspired me greatly)
- Kat Kimz (thank you for coming to so many shows and supporting)
- Lizi Gray (thanks for the makeup and for being a great critiquer and supporter)
- Jarrod Gaggi (awesomest friend ever... we got longevity brah)
- Philip Gelder (awesomest friend ever... we got longevity brah hahaha)
- Sean Jasperse-Sjolander (miss your ass, out in Indiana, grrr...)
- Shaun Rizk (dundundundunWOOWOOWOO!!!)
- Joseph Williams (haven't seen you in awhile, boi)
- Heather Frymire (wondrous makeup jobs and enduring my diva tendencies)
- Andrew Ball (we may not talk as much nowadays but dude, you're one of the greatest friends ever and I appreciate your support so much)
- Kate Lockwood (great inspiration and pushing me to do what I love!)
- Chandler Faith (more inspiration, performance wise and more!!! Thank yooou)
- The band P.O.O.P. (all you guys are awesome and great to be around... thanks for the support!)

Now that we're through all that... I hope you enjoy this compilation... and witnessing my very VERY weird side.



released March 8, 2013

Colin Bovberg - lead and background vox, guitar, bass, piano, synths, drum programming / drums, percussion, air synth, orchestral arrangement, music writing, lyric writing, and pretty much almost everything else to be honest.

Ian Ware - voice, vox, and very muffled guitar in bonus track.

Danny Tramel - voices / guitar in bonus track.

Phil Gelder - warped voices in bonus track.

Lil Joe Cammaroto - small child voices in bonus track.

Sean Jasperse-Sjolander and Donevan Fischer - "background vox," if you will, on Parading Across Wild Papsmear.

Scott Wiedemann - backup Owwws on Eayee Old-Skoo.

"Oashy Baba" features a gracious African chorus that let me manipulate their voice recordings into something... uh... something.

Mixed and produced and arranged and stuff by Colin Bovberg.



all rights reserved


The Epic Weatherman Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colin Bovberg is The Epic Weatherman, a solo artist who composes elaborate original electronic melodies in his comfortable home studio. He plays guitar, bass, drums, percussion, and synths, vocalizing on his tracks as well. Hailing from Colorado Springs, The Epic Weatherman hopes his name will be known by many, and his music will inspire others and leave behind an atmospheric legacy. ... more

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Track Name: Electrostorm (Birth / Eye / Heart / Resolve)
Track Name: Interested In Me?
I don't mind this waiting game
Playin' off numbers frame by frame
The chance to take is clearly worth
The mass, the weight, the height and girth
Of mental strains it takes to hold
My feelings that can't be controlled
So call me up when you decide
There's nothing we have left to hide

Okay, straight to the point...
Are you interested in me?
Signals flash clear as day
To that interesting degree...

We took a walk down the moonlit path
Couldn't have predicted the aftermath
Your stride was sexy, you walked so tall,
Smooth and slow spoken with that classic drawl...
You struck a rhythm into my head
Twas quite the spell that you casted
Seems we've been careful for oh so long
So tell me darling, how could this be wrong?

Are you interested?
I feel so connected
Don't be misdirected...
(Interested in me)
You are my selected
Feelings unprotected
It's my film but you direct it
Track Name: Lerremfios
I don't understand my logic
How I handled you
You gave me the world and then some
I can't deny its true
Gave up on you, now I'm broken down

Of course now that its over
I see just what I lost
Not enough risks were taken
Too many lines were crossed
Gave up on you, now

I'm missing out
On the girl of my dreams, oh
I'm missing out
Unstitched at the seams, oh
I'm missing out
On a great friend and lover, oh
Are we missing out
On eachother?

Please pick up your phone
I want to make you well
Just a chance to show you heaven
'Stead of draggin' you through hell
Gave up on you, now I'm broken down

I know you have your reasons
I know I have my faults
But dealing with your absence
Is full mental assault
Gave up on you, now...

Are we missing out? (ad libs n' things)
Track Name: You Fill In The Blanks
Track Name: Overloaded Circuits
Too much energy is running into these walls
Too much electricity is being put through
Shaking body but this mind can't be put to rest
I'm not finished yet...

I'm losing everything within the blue sparks
Memories redrawn with disappearing ink
Well if my mind is ruined, if I forget my life,
Well then I might as well die.
I might as well die.

Too much energy is running into these walls
All of my fondest dreams are washing off the whiteboard
Well if my mind is ruined, if I forget my life,
Well then I might as well die.
I might as well die.
Track Name: The Red Butcher's Special
Surrounded by daggers.
Levitating amidst the great crimson sphere.
If I stay here, I'll rot.
If I release myself from the spell,
I will then become the red butcher's special.

There's a glowing button to the side of me I could push,
Just slightly out of my reach...
And I don't know what it does.
A small sector of the blades are fake, are holographic...
But they all look the same.
A rope dangles from the ceiling
Attached to a mechanism which, if lightly tugged,
Will release me from this place
Through a trap door hidden within
The sharpened masses of blades.
But if I don't leap far enough...
I will then become the red butcher's special.

So this is hell...
Surrounded by pain,
Plenty of risk with no guaranteed reward,
Under some bastard's spell
Who continuously tempts me with an inkling of freedom...
Some form of imminent demise awaits, I suppose...
I'm faced with the grim task of choosing which one...
God, after all I've done against your will,
Could you still show a rapscallion like me
How to get out of this...
Or will I simply become THE RED BUTCHER'S SPECIAL...

Track Name: Colin's Avant-Garde Song
Track Name: A War Fought Too Long
It's a formal goodbye
It's a war fought too long
Won or lost, there's always the cost
And the bittersweet song.

It's a cough drop in heaven
Yet a train wreck in hell
Flowers or dirt, there's always the hurt
In displacing this shell.

My mouth never thinks and my brain never speaks
But it'll all decompose in a matter of weeks
Okay, let's degrade in the landfill we've made
This unnaturally natural world will melt without shade.

It's twelve drinks on the rocks
It's fifty puffs of smoke
Drunken or stoned, they're always dethroned
By their own addictive joke.
Track Name: Target For Departure (Circa 2007)
She's not listening, she's not listening...
Does she know who
She's talkin' to?
We speak her direction
We are ignored

Delirious blurry eyes
Fix a target in the skies
As it grows everyone cries
We cry

She's not listening, she's not listening...
Shut the door now
Just relax your brow
She floats through the ceiling
We wave goodbye
Track Name: Monsters That Are Time (Circa 2007)
Every second flies so fast
I can't think anymore
All of this time has passed
The buzzer rang and I missed the score
What now do I do
To slow down?
What now do I do
To make it easy?
Time is the devil
And the devil's racin' me

I'll hunt the present down
Won't fall behind again
I'll kill my clock
Can't let the future win!

Fightin' for some room to breathe in
This cramped space titled, 'My Life'
Tick tock, another heathen sound
Stabs my brain and twists its knife
What now can I do
To relax?
What now can I do
To ease my worry?
Time is a hurricane
And I'm getting sucked in

Well time it is an eyeball, a manipulative retina
Focuses on drivin' everybody crazy
And when you fall behind this eyeball takes your photograph
And nails it to a wrinkle of your brain and as you go insane it makes him
Track Name: Stay Wet (Circa 2008)
Laying on a crimson couch, I dream a vivid dream
Woman in a crowded mall, couldn't help but to admire the face
I picked her from the crowd, the camera zoomed into her stare
There were others but my focus would not adjust to make them clear.
Did not know what to say, but from her gaze, I knew that there was so much there
As our hands met, the rest of the world disappeared.

Let me channel you
Through the sunset
As the world dries
We will stay wet.

'Did I just say that? Sorry... I like to speak my mind.'
I eat my words, because I know you feel the same
We travel to my place, and fly right in, knowing we'll become entwined
Just as I undo your first clasp I wake up... a perfect shame.

But I turn over, and there you are... right next to me.
Laying on the crimson couch, I'm living a vivid dream.
Track Name: Medley Of My First Ever Conscious Compositions
Track Name: Reggae Colin Style
Track Name: Fast Paced Colin Style Rock!
Come on, baby.
*Funeral march
Oh Oh Oh ooooohde
Track Name: Oashy Baba
Oashy frickin' baba.
Track Name: My Cereal
Why these