by The Epic Weatherman

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released November 15, 2014

Enjoy Colin Bovberg's major release RIGHT HERE. All proceeds go towards helping this cool cat pursue a career in his dream field of music. Every bit helps. Thank you so much, fans and friends, for supporting his hard work.



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The Epic Weatherman Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colin Bovberg is The Epic Weatherman, a solo artist who composes elaborate original electronic melodies in his comfortable home studio. He plays guitar, bass, drums, percussion, and synths, vocalizing on his tracks as well. Hailing from Colorado Springs, The Epic Weatherman hopes his name will be known by many, and his music will inspire others and leave behind an atmospheric legacy. ... more

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Track Name: ShapeShifting (feat. Chan)
Track Name: FreezePop
Its liquid its solid its liquid its solid and then,
Becomes ingested by the power of uncertainty
You think that you've got it you think that you've got it and then,
That motha phaka bares its teeth while I discern its plea...

My doubt's a fatal fatigue
Comes out at all the wrong times
Feel so far out of your league
(Instincts why commit such vile crimes?)

You make me wait
(All the time, all the time)
Accept your fate
(Final time, final time)
I will not waste away
(All this time, not this time)
Let's meet halfway
(Now is our time)

Never liked you, never needed you
Never wanted you to come inside distort my mind
Inhale, exhale, good air in, bad air out...
(doesn't work!)
Keepin' me blind, end of the line, tired of the crime
Now is the time to unrecycle, get myself out of the rhyme
And unreason that brought me here, damn this fear,
Make this clear, please disappear!

Looks like its melting again,
The monsters they keep it warm
You score a 9 out of 10
(Too bad that one's what keeps me torn!)
Track Name: A Million Bucks
Well I don't really know her, yet I know her pretty well
The most beautiful golden spirited mademoiselle
With a smile that's to die for, and a wild motored heart
Ask how she makes me feel, and I wouldn't know where to start

I understand its not the right time
Hope you know I'm in no rush
With your heart still surely aching,
Just know you're still my crush

Tracy, you make me feel like a million bucks!
It's what you do to me...
Tracy, just having you in my life, I'm in luck!
I'm where I want to be...

She always keeps it interesting
And her music is divine
Both in soul and in body,
This girl is just too fine

With an aura tough as nails,
She ain't afraid to show her scars
People dog on her, she laughs it off...
The most bright and shining star.

See I know there's men who've hurt you,
And that's not what you deserve
All the sweetness held within you,
Want you to know just what you're worth!

Well ya know she makes me feel like a million dollars
With a neon personality so full of vibrant colors
All the way she is a lover not a fighter not a brawler
Beautiful wonderful and irresistable things that make you wanna fall-a

When we talk it brightens my day
However much or little you say
Wanna make you feel okay
Hopin' this jam makes you feel okayeeeee!
Track Name: ElectroStorm
No vox.
Track Name: How To Hide (feat. Timmy Vilgiate)
She hadn't learned quite yet how to hide...
Track Name: Patience Is A Virus (feat. Chan)
The raging downpour soaks us both
We drown in, we drown in the philter
Hard to control the stimuli
When logic, when logic's off kilter

Patience is a virus to me at this hour!
And we will not stop til we get it, get it
Will not stop til we get it
Patience cannot save us from our loss of power!
And we will not stop til we get it, get it
Will not stop til we get it...

The softness of your naked skin
Libido, libido alcohol
Let us connect our weary souls
Our forms against the wall
And we can't help but fall...
Track Name: Interested In Me?
I don't mind this waiting game
Playin' off numbers frame by frame
The chance to take is clearly worth
The mass, the weight, the height and girth
Of mental strains it takes to hold
My feelings that can't be controlled
So call me up when you decide
There's nothing we have left to hide

Okay, straight to the point...
Are you interested in me?
Signals flash clear as day
To that interesting degree...

We took a walk down the moonlit path
Couldn't have predicted the aftermath
Your stride was sexy, you walked so tall,
Smooth and slow spoken with that classic drawl...
You struck a rhythm into my head
Twas quite the spell that you casted
Seems we've been careful for oh so long
So tell me darling, how could this be wrong?

Are you interested?
I feel so connected
Don't be misdirected...
(Interested in me)
You are my selected
Feelings unprotected
It's my film but you direct it!
Track Name: Holes In My Clothes
Let's say I put you all in the same damn room
Well, you'd probably end up makin' good friends
You've got all this shit in common, a perfect example being
The failure to tie loose ends...
Am I wrong? Am I right? Am I maybe maybe thinkin' too much
Just wasting precious hours?
Listen up, knuckleheads, its time to settle some scores,
No time for candy and flowers...

Oh, baby there ain't no chance.

She tried to run the game then she lied to me lied to me, oh...
(She's just a hole in my clothes)
She ignited a flame, it burned inside of me side of me, oh...
(Another hole in my clothes)
She took advantage of my hospitality, oh...
(A bigger hole in my clothes)
My uniform's getting tattered
Please just tell me that you won't be
(Another hole in my clothes)
Track Name: Done!
I'm done!
Tryin' to get at you!
What have we got to prove?
Can't change my mind, I'm done!
Tryin to see it through,
Good thing you up and moved
Won't take more lies, I'm done!
You're 4 stars at physical,
But your eye candy got me full,
I cast you out and I'm done!
Don't get all quizzical,
Life's no longer difficult...
And you know why?
Cuz I'm DONE!