EPISODE 01: First Strike (pt. 1)

by The Epic Weatherman

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Part 1 of Colin Bovberg's debut album. Revamped and remastered editions of the Epic Weatherman's first completed songs are featured here, including Take You Over, Monsters That Are Time, and She's Trouble, But Whatever just to name a few. Enjoy the pounding beats and melodic pulses of First Strike today!


released April 27, 2012

Colin Bovberg: Vox, guitars, bass, synths, drums and drum programming, lyrics, mixing.
Blake Baldwin: Bass on Monsters That Are Time.
Cover art drawn by Michael McDonnell.



all rights reserved


The Epic Weatherman Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colin Bovberg is The Epic Weatherman, a solo artist who composes elaborate original electronic melodies in his comfortable home studio. He plays guitar, bass, drums, percussion, and synths, vocalizing on his tracks as well. Hailing from Colorado Springs, The Epic Weatherman hopes his name will be known by many, and his music will inspire others and leave behind an atmospheric legacy. ... more

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Track Name: Target For Departure
She's not listening, she's not listening...
Does she know who
She's talkin' to?
We speak her direction
We are ignored

Delirious blurry eyes
Fix a target in the skies
As it grows everyone cries
We cry

She's not listening, she's not listening...
Shut the door now
Just relax your brow
She floats through the ceiling
We wave goodbye

Track Name: Monsters That Are Time
Every second flies so fast
I can't think anymore
All of this time has passed
The buzzer rang and I missed the score
What now do I do
To slow down?
What now do I do
To make it easy?
Time is the devil
And the devil's racin' me

I'll hunt the present down
Won't fall behind again
I'll kill my clock
Can't let the future win!

Fightin' for some room to breathe in
This cramped space titled, 'My Life'
Tick tock, another heathen sound
Stabs my brain and twists its knife
What now can I do
To relax?
What now can I do
To ease my worry?
Time is a hurricane
And I'm getting sucked in


Well time it is an eyeball, a manipulative retina
Focuses on drivin' everybody crazy
And when you fall behind this eyeball takes your photograph
And nails it to a wrinkle of your brain and as you go insane it makes him
Track Name: She's Trouble, But Whatever
During a night that was too good for words
You whispered something I'd never heard
The sound was darkness disguised as light
I knew your motives, falsely polite...
Oh but the words sounded so amiable
Your beautiful tongue makes my head full

The mouth of a villain
How could its contents be
So charming, alarming
The hold she's got on me
She's trouble, I know this
My body don't care, because I'm

Your make and model is unlike anyone's
We're sharin' spirits with our loaded guns
The day is breaking, I'll find out soon
You'll leave me out here, completely marooned...
Looks like your words carried me away from this world
That beautiful voice makes my mind unfurl


During a night that was too good for words
You whispered something, I'd never...
Track Name: Take You Over
Not a thing is left to lose
Once we've got a hold of you
A bright white cannon spits across your mind
Seconds short of perception, you're blinded
There's a brand new hole in your arm...
Can you fight it?
We won't let you fight it...

We will take you over
Til' you fade away...

You can't take it anymore
We have gnawed down to the core
You know your addiction, yeah you know it well
Keepin' it fed 'til you burn in hell
That's exactly what we want...
Can you fight it?
We won't let you fight it...


Pinprick fixing craters in the skin
Makes it fine, makes it fine
Throw you in a game that you could never win
But its fine, it is fine
Let the bloodstream infestation begin
You'll be fine, you'll be fine...

Track Name: Black Oxygen
Helpless swimming in black oxygen
I look around for somewhere to begin
Distraught liquid starts to run over my eyelids
I can't see a thing

There's no tellin' where this breeze will carry me
Too far out of bounds, a negative degree
The screeching sounds of hell are not that pretty

A break in the action
Waking slowly
Holes all through me

Hell has found me...